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Renewable Energy

In renewable energy GSC initially invested in small solar-PV projects with the goal to reduce the carbon footprint of our agricultural operations. Today GSC uses the global access to land and through the group’s companies develops sizeable solar investments for own investment and on behalf of private and institutional investors. In 2023 GSC will acquire 30 MWp for its own use and develop an additional 100 MWp for investors.

GSC Energy

GSC Energy is an independent power producer that invests in small- and large-scale power plants mostly in Italy and Bulgaria. The focus lies on free-field and rooftop solar power plants with a size of 1 MWp – 15 MWp. The company owns a 7 MWp solar PV portfolio in Italy with 30 MWp of further projects for own investment implemented in 2023. The expected total energy production in 2023 amounts to 45.000.000 kWh.

GSC Development

GSC Development through its extensive local operations network develops and constructs solar energy projects in Italy and Southeastern Europe for family offices, private investors and asset managers. With its development teams the company is currently working on a sizeable pipeline of solar PV projects in Italy and Bulgaria.

GTC Energy

GTC Energy SRL is a joint venture with a leading Italian entrepreneur who sold his business to a large Private Equity firm and founded his own Foundation. The company is a long-term-oriented IPP investing in solar energy plants in Italy with a target size of 4-15 MWp.

Agriculture and Food & Beverage

Agriculture is the business sector where through Gebrüder Clementi Srl and Gala Team, GSC has more than 70 years of family experience. GSC develops agricultural investments focusing on a variety of types and investment sizes: apple, kiwi and plum orchards as well as other agri-investments.

GSC’s extensive experience in growing apples, kiwis and plums led us to enter the Food & Beverage sector. The goal is the processing of fresh fruit into high-quality and natural food & beverage products while controlling the whole value chain.

Gebrüder Clementi Srl.

Gebrüder Clementi Srl. is the leading private apple production and retail business in Italy and connected to this business owns and manages 500 hectares of apple production and through its partners processes more than 2,000 hectares. Gebrüder Clementi Srl. gives GSC access to a global network of agricultural companies that manage unparalleled sizes of land.

Società Cooperativa Agricola Laives

Società Cooperativa Agricola Laives was founded by the Clementi family in 1989 and connects around 50 agricultural businesses in Italy managing more than 2,000 hectares of land. 350 hectares are family owned with 45 ha in Emilia-Romagna, 18 ha in Trentino, 194 ha in Veneto – Venice, 72 ha in Veneto – Verona and 10 ha in Lombardia.


FRUUP SRL stands for fruit processing and has the main objective to transform fresh fruits such as apples and kiwis into innovative and revolutionary food & beverage products. The company’s flagship product is Red Moon, an alcohol free aperitivo made of red flash apples and a touch of fizz (CO2).


Agrinel is an agricultural holding company investing in large-scale agricultural projects including apple and kiwi orchards in Italy. The investment size depends on the agri-specific industry with the most recent investments ranging from 30 hectares – 130 hectares. Agrinel profits from our operational knowledge and our access to distributors and retailers.

Gala Team

Gala Team is one of the leading agricultural development firms in Europe and has developed agricultural projects for governments and agri-investors in Eastern Europe, Italy, Turkey and the Middle East. Since the 1980s the fruit growing experts have developed more than 55,000 hectares of apple plants for large agricultural conglomerates.

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