Investment Focus

Our investment strategy focuses on three key sectors:


Agriculture is the business sector where through Gebrüder Clementi Srl and Gala Team GSC has more than 70 years of family experience. GSC develops agricultural investments focusing on a variety of types and investment sizes: apple, kiwi and plum orchards as well as other agri-investments.

Gebrüder Clementi Srl.

Gebrüder Clementi Srl. is the leading private apple production and retail business in Italy and connected to this business owns and manages 500 hectares of apple production and through its partners processes more than 2,000 hectares. Gebrüder Clementi Srl. gives GSC access to a global network of agricultural companies that manage unparalleled sizes of land.

Gala Team

Gala Team is one of the leading agricultural development firms in Europe and has developed agricultural projects for governments and agri-investors in Eastern Europe, Italy, Turkey and the Middle East. Since the 1980s the fruit growing experts have developed more than 55,000 hectares of apple plants for large agricultural conglomerates.


Agrinel is an agricultural holding company investing in large-scale agricultural projects including apple and kiwi orchards in Italy. The investment size depends on the agri-specific industry with the most recent investments ranging from 30 hectares – 130 hectares. Agrinel profits from our operational knowledge and our access to distributors and retailers.

Renewable Energy

In renewable energy GSC initially invested in small solar PV projects with the goal to reduce the carbon footprint of our agricultural operations. Today GSC uses the global access to land and through our portfolio companies develops sizeable solar investments for own investment and on behalf of institutional investors and family offices. Lately, agrivoltaic development became more popular driving GSC to additionally focus on this area.

GSC Energy

GSC Energy invests in small- and large-scale power plants mostly in Italy and Bulgaria. The focus lies on free-field and rooftop solar power plants as well as agrivoltaic developments. The company currently owns a 7 MWp solar PV portfolio in Italy with further projects for own investment under development.

GSC Development

GSC Development develops solar energy projects in Southeastern Europe for private and institutional investors. The company is partnering with EXE Solar and a leading German EPC company. The local development teams are currently working on a sizeable pipeline of solar PV projects.

GSC Consulting

GSC Consulting structures acquisitions of renewable energy projects on behalf of European institutional investors focusing mainly on Southeastern Europe. It works with multiple clients in Romania and Bulgaria which strive to acquire a large project pipeline in the region. At the moment GSC Consulting works on several buy-side transactions.

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Food & Beverage

Our extensive experience in the cultivation of apples, kiwis and plums guided us to enter into the food & beverage sector. GSC aims to produce natural, 100% apple-based food & beverage solutions focusing on sustainability throughout the whole value chain. In addition GSC invests in food & beverage companies in developing countries with high growth potential.


FRUUP SRL processes fruits 360-degrees into food & beverage solutions developing innovative products with international scale. We currently invest in an own local production plant in Verona which will have a yearly capacity of 50 million bottles and 50 million cans. FRUUP’s flagship products are the alcohol-free aperitif Red Moon 99.6 and the natural energy drink Red Fit. The product portfolio will be steadily expanded over the upcoming years.

Red Moon 99.6

Red Moon 99.6 is an alcohol-free botanical aperitif consisting of 99.6% red flesh apples with a touch of fizz.

Red Fit

Red Fit is an isotonic Energy Drink combining high-quality apple juice with essential vitamins and minerals.

Uncle Tee’s Restaurant

Uncle Tee’s Restaurant is a Nigerian restaurant chain serving low-priced fast-food dishes. The first store has successfully opened in May 2021 and six further ones have been put into operation until now offering in-house dining and delivery services. The restaurants are located in the areas of Zaria and Abuja which in total have a population of more than 10,600,000 citizens. One of the branches is right next to the largest university of West Africa (ABU Zaria). Due to the current success and the high growth rates achieved the business aims to have 10 fully operational branches by mid-2022.