Developing Sustainable Investments

Green Sentinel Capital (GSC)

is a holding company investing in renewable energy, agricultural & industrial land, and entrepreneurial equity. GSC is operated by a strong M&A and development team that has both an engineering and finance background. These in-house competencies enable GSC to develop a diversified portfolio and to maintain a flexible investment approach.

Our Investment Focus

Renewable Energy

GSC develops photovoltaic plants for the group itself as well as for private and industrial investors

Land Investments

GSC acquires agricultural and industrial land areas for greenfield and brownfield developments

Entrepreneurial Equity

GSC partners with Italian family-owned mid-cap companies that are held long-term and improved operationally

Our Story

GSC’s history starts in 1952 at the incorporation of the family business Gebr. Clementi SRL that is since then active in the cultivation and worldwide sale of fresh fruit, mainly apples. Connected to its family business, GSC has more than 70 years of experience in agriculture and therefore access to unparalleled sizes of land in Italy and abroad.

As the packaging and cooling of fruit is highly energy intensive, in 2008 GSC developed the first solar-PV plant on the rooftop of the production hall in Laives. Today, the group holds 7 solar-PV plants in its portfolio and operates completely net zero.

The synergy of agriculture and solar-PV led GSC to use its large network of landowners and cooperations in the sector to develop a pipeline of more than 400 MWp of Agri-PV plants in Italy. In 2023, GSC carved out the engineering division from a leading Italian construction company and now controls the full development cycle internally.

Due to its entrepreneurial family company background, GSC knows exactly what it takes to bring family businesses to the next level. Through partnering with family-operated mid-cap companies in Italy, GSC intends to help further family entrepreneurs to reach the next growth stage while maintaining the legacy of the company.

90,000 t

annual fruit production

>400 MWp

development pipeline

€82 mn.

cumulated annual revenues

20,000 ha.

land access in Italy

4 mn. kWh

annual solar energy production

We make land areas investable