New Partnership – Rigeto Unternehmerkapital

GSC has officially joined forces with Rigeto Unternehmerkapital. With over €300 million equity invested primarily in the DACH region, Rigeto is expanding its horizons into the Italian market alongside GSC.

Together, as GSC-Rigeto, we are embarking on a journey to partner with 5 family-owned mid-cap companies in Northern Italy throughout 2024-2025. What sets us apart? GSC-Rigeto operates with real entrepreneurial capital, providing us with the flexibility to tailor our investments without being confined to a specific sector or fund requirements.

We are eager to seize the opportunities this partnership offers and look forward to achieving remarkable milestones with GSC-Rigeto. A special thank you to Rigeto’s Partners, Dr. Richard K. Lenz and Dr. Wolf Hoffmann, for their trust in this partnership. Let’s make great things happen together!