Joint Venture Anniversary – Gaspari Holding

We are thrilled to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of our joint venture with Gaspari Holding!

Giuseppe Gaspari is one of the most seasoned entrepreneurs and investors in Italy. With a remarkable career, Giuseppe has built and scaled multiple companies across diverse sectors, showcasing his visionary leadership.
In 2017, Giuseppe’s entrepreneurial journey included the successful exit of Texbond S.R.L. to H.I.G. Capital and today he continues to leverage his extensive experience as an investor, fostering growth in various Italian and international businesses. Beyond business, Giuseppe is the heart behind Gaspari Foundation, passionately supporting young talents in music, arts, and culture.

As a long-term partner, Giuseppe is not only a co-investor in our Solar-PV and Private Equity operations but also supports us with his strategic advice. Here’s to a year of synergy, growth, and shared success!