Long-term value is created by developing sustainable investments

GSC is committed to a sustainable future. Sustainable development and investments are intrinsic to everything we do in order to deliver our primary objective of value creation. Instead of being an economic cost we believe that sustainability is a key source of competitive advantage.

Our industries and portfolio companies have a positive impact on the environment and society by contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:


SDG 2 Zero Hunger

SDG 2 Zero Hunger

With our activities in the agricultural sector we foster knowledge, experience and data sharing among all actors and businesses in the agricultural value chain. While upholding highest sustainability standards we empower small farmers and contribute to biodiversity to sustain the fertility of thousands of hectares of land.

Renewable Energy

SDG 7 Affordable and clean energy

GSC’s Renewable Energy arm is committed to accelerate the transition to a sustainable energy system that is affordable and reliable. We do this by investing in renewable energy as well as driving forward the development and expansion of agrivoltaic in Europe. In addition, our portfolio companies obtain the majority of operational electricity from renewable energy sources.

The Group

SDG 8 Decent work and economic growth & SDG 13 Climate action

Despite the sustainability and climate action aspect that is an integrated part of GSC’s business model, we as a group pursue economic growth while providing working conditions that strictly exclude any form of inequality or discrimination. We believe that our employees are a key resource to our business’ success and therefore provide an environment where every employee is appreciated and supported to unfold its full potential.

We believe in underdeveloped communities

GSC believes in the potential of underdeveloped communities. A yearly amount of the group’s revenues is thus donated to the Youth Compass Foundation, a German-Nigerian NGO dedicated to improving education in underdeveloped communities in the African region.